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FEBRUARY 16th, 2021

Indie publisher Space Duck Games launches Factory Floor Board Game on Kickstarter

Space Duck Games, and indie game publisher based in Dublin, Ireland, launches a new Kickstarter campaign for Factory Floor Board Game.

Factory Floor is a 1-4 player Tetris-style tile-laying and worker placement game. It’s a light strategy game for ages 8+ that plays in 20 minutes and was co-created by Tom Hughes and Patrick O’Callaghan.

Co-Designer Tom explains, “The game is for anyone who likes tile laying games or polyominos for sure. It only takes about 5 minutes to learn but has enough strategy and depth that it can be played by both casual players and the more ardent board gamer. Anyone who gets that feeling of accomplishment from building things will also get a lot of joy out of the game”.

Co-Designer and the game’s Illustrator, Pat adds, “It’s a fast and light-hearted game and we wanted all the elements to exude fun, that’s why we went with a fun and vibrant colour palette, which is a bit of Space Duck identity feature”. About Space Duck Games- Space Duck Games was established in 2015 by Tom Hughes and Patrick O’Callaghan. Their first game ‘El Presidente’ in 2015 was awarded the Kickstarter ‘Projects we Love’ nomination. Tom and Pat have several more games in development that they will bring to Kickstarter after a successful funding for Factory Floor.

For more information contact Patrick O’Callaghan at or visit the Space Duck Games website-


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