And then there were two

Today it is the turn of the long standing resident of the holiday resort on the island and the master manipulator who runs the docks!.

Carmen Mendez, the daughter of Savatori. In days gone by there wasn’t an international dance competition where you wouldn’t see Carmen top the podium and dedicated her wins to the people of her beloved island. In recent years, her talent has faded somewhat, and people have grown tired of hearing her say: “Did I tell you about the time…” No longer a daughter, now a grandmother, she feels it’s time to take on her most difficult tango, the dance of politics.

Arturo Ulysses O’nion is short in stature but big on ideas. Respected and feared by the working men and women of Savatori a smile or a frown from Arturo can mean the difference between a pay rise and a very very bad day. Sick of meagre profits, Arturo seeks to lead Savatori into a prosperous and lucrative future, kicking and screaming if needs be. The unions would have you believe they work for the people, but in truth they work for one man… O’nion.

Carmen is the newest addition to the candidate family and Arturo has been a firm favourite of mine and Pat’s from the moment we started writing him up as an idea. We would love to hear what you think of them!

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