Meet 'La Resistance' and the very model of a modern major-general!

Those of you with the penchant for more aggressive means of domination will be interested by this week's political candidates - the general and the rebel leader.

Gabriella Concordia-Frieden is the tough face of the Savatorian military. The only general to achieve rank by telling people that was what she wanted, her seniors of the time were too scared to argue with her. The only person in the world who can perform Krav Maga in high heels, she is a very firm but fair leader to her troops who idolize her out of fear and awe. Watching the old El Presidente run the island into the ground, she wants to see it restored to it’s former glory!

Richard Pickle, or Ricardo the Rogue as he has been baptised by the rebels of Savatori, ended up entirely at the wrong place at entirely the wrong time. A student from Putney, London, Richard had a passion for lowering his carbon footprint and encouraging people to use long life shopping bags. A short tour on a greenpeace boat saw him washed up on the beaches of Savatori, and the rebels quickly adopted him to be their champion thinking he would be a beacon (so they themselves wouldn't get shot). He now fights the oppressive Savatorian government and their complete lack of long term ecological forward planning!

As you can see from the art, me and Pat had a lot of fun creating these two and we couldn’t be happier with the results. What do you think. Comments below! Don’t forget to like the page for future updates!

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