All hail El Presidente! (part 01)

From this week on, we want to start sharing with you more information about our game 'El Presidente' and what will actually be in the box!

This time around it is the turn of Ursula Manda and Francisco Javier, two of the characters of El Presidente that players will use in the hopes of becoming the new leader of Savatori! The aim with the characters was to have a wide variety of crazy, funny, out-there personalities, despicable enough to crave island domination, but just nice enough so that you would still want to help them.

Firstly (cause she wouldn't have it any other way!) is Ursula, the daughter of former 'El Presidente' Fernando Manda. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she has grown up believing that her father was sent from the heavens to rule Savatori, and so naturally, now that he's passed on, the only true successor to the office is his daughter. As she tells all of her friends (or at least those that were paid enough to stick around) “Savatori deserves more than a leader, it deserves a princess!”

Francisco Javier, known affectionately as the “mumbling monk” resides at the monastry of the Brothers of the Palm Leaves. More comfortable with animals than people, he can often be heard chirping and barking under his breath whilst praying with the other monks. People have attempted to explain the futility of his attempts to bring human rights to animals, but they often fall silent after he growls at them.

We really hope you enjoy these characters as much as we have making them :)

Next week we are going to take a look at both sides or the army, with our General and our Rebel Leader!



Tom & Pat

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