Friday's game!

This week we wanted to highlight a game from our wee pals over at Moroz Publishing. It has a tartan box people! What more info do you need!

Swords and Bagpipes is about betrayal, heroism, hidden intentions and diplomacy, but it is not a party game. You manage resources, relocate armies and participate in battles, but it is not a strategy. It is both at once!

The game is inspired by Braveheart movie by Mel Gibson. English army invades Scotland during the First War of Independence. You are one of Scottish clan leaders. Each round you have to prepare for the coming battle. Then you choose, either to support Scotland in the fight for freedom... or just to betray other clans to gain money and power. Yet, be warned: every other clan leader is free to make the same decision!

Swords and Bagpipes received a lot of very positive opinions from well-known boardgaming critics. The Kickstarter campaign is running now, with exclusive goodies and some additional staff. Here is the link:

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