Big Spotlight on Tiny Epic Game!

We love sharing new, great games out there and this one has us really excited!

Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call is an expansion to Tiny Epic Kingdoms

The war continues and spreads further and further. New factions have arrived from the north igniting epic battles unlike any before. Heroes rise over the fallen bodies of their enemies. Kingdoms spread across the frozen wastelands and through the snowy peaks in search of silver. War Towers grow taller than the trees. Who will be victorious in the end?

TEK HC introduces several new aspects to TEK:

  • New Factions

  • New Territories, Regions, & Resource Type

  • New Hero Meeples and Abilities

  • New War Towers

  • New Exploration Tiles (deluxe only)

The praise this game has gotten is nothing short of legendary, and more TEK is only a good thing. Head over to their Kickstarter page and have a look now!

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