TennnShunn! Quack Cadets!

Here we go!

I'm so excited right now because for the last few months, Tom and I have been working hard on getting Space Duck to take off, and today is the start of our next phase, announcing our first table top game: El Presidente!.

This is the start of the journey that hopefuly will land us into Kickstarter. Lot of development and artwork has been done already (and I really look forward to share it here over the next few weeks and months) but there's also loads still to be made, I think it's going to be amazing to talk about this process and the new challenges that await us with you all.

I feel so lucky that Tom decided to approach me with his idea for El Presidente, he is such a talented guy full of energy, vision and determination and what he has deviced so far blows me away, I just hope I can do him and all our supporters proud with the visuals!

I'm ready, the troops are ready and quacking, let's do this!



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